Do your family know what’s going on? Do you live anywhere near them?

I’m still at home and they don’t know shit. I just don’t say nothing say they’re not stressing about me.

I’m really sorry you’re going through so much bad shit. :( I hope things work out, dude.

The thing about that is… It’s all my fault. I’m trying to be as mellow as possible as I destroy myself. Like my life is fucking awesome except for some super shitty stuff that I’m doing. The shitty stuff sucks really bad. I’m maintaining my composure throughout the day, I’m just not very sober right now… so yeah. Not sober. not happy. very unchill right now. Thanks for being sympathetic though. THat’s cool. youre cool. Stay cool.

Howdy folks, It’s your pal here. I’m here to give you a serious life update. I’m super fucked up on lean right now for the fuckteenth night in a row. I’m making really bad decisions. The past almost week I’ve been presented with the option of A) fixing my struggling relationships in and out of my home or B) to get super fucked up. Of course I got fucked up because I can’t cope with the stress. I was told to put my life in perspective today and I’m staring down a second alcoholic problem and a serious drug addiction. I’m stressed and scared, but hey I have free pizza connect. I think I’m handling depression, suicidal thoughts, alcohol addiction, and a drug addiction like a champ. I’ll really fall apart eventually but I’ll deal with it as it happens.

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Aaaaaagh, I’m good but that’s stretching my talents. I’ll certainly try.